Friday, 26 April 2013


World's Wealthiest Losers - no doubt that is what we are.

Margaret Nicholas did a marvelous job writing that awesome and well versed book - The World Wealthiest Losers. The book detailed the life of rich, famous, well loved but greedy, immature Politicians, Celebrities, Businessmen and women, who had it all but also never lived a fulfilled life. Hence, I think I can be excused when the above mentioned book comes to mind when I think about the peculiar case of Nigeria. Nigeria to many Nigerians is a Wealthy loser.

For a nation so blessed and abundantly enriched with such enormous natural and human resources, that if well managed will make so many other world powers quake in their boots. We are the most populous black nation in the world with a population of over 150 million citizens.

In the Last 50 years, the world economy has been essentially driven by Petroleum products. Nigeria been the 6th largest producer of Petroleum products in the world, should be up there with the rest of them on the chart of most developed nations in the world. Where are we?

Before our domestic economy became completely crippled, Nigeria was the biggest exporter of so many goods, thus, making us an important contributor to the world economy. After independence we were filled with so much hope. We dreamed of living in  a society where all men will be treated equal and where we could live a life of fulfillment.

What went wrong? How did it get this bad? Where went all our hope and awesome dreams? When did we loose sight of our desired destination? Who led us down this gloomy road of destruction? Obviously, we as Nigerians have so many unanswered questions.

In science, evolution is usually associated with the metaphorical change of something (or someone) from one stage to another higher stage, usually a better stage. Nigeria in its unique stage evolved from the Nigeria of 1960s to the Nigeria of 1970s, then to Nigeria of !980s and !990s and now we are stuck with the Nigeria of the 2000s: where mass corruption at all levels of government and public parastatals is now the order of the day. An evolution of Nigeria from a well organized society to a state of near anarchy.

Every thing went wrong. Our belief in social justice got shattered like shards of broken glasses. We are continuously receding into an abysmal, disgraceful and anti-social society. We have not only fallen into the bottomless pit of social corruption, but also religious corruption, the corruption of thoughts, corruption of the soul, as well as the corruption of mental capacities and capabilities, amogst several others.

Our system has deteriorate to the point that we make heroes out of unlikely individuals. The youths have lost their bearing and are now struggling in a survival economy. (expect an article on SURVIVAL ECONOMY). Every generation after another are less hardworking than the last because of our depressing economy, but are now in search of "get-rich-quick"means, which are usually illegal.

For a long stretch of time, we have been ruled by men who hardly can define NATIONALISM, talk more of understanding what leadership entails. They have refused to understand that leadership isn't about individual interests or benefits, but about collective interests of the over 150 million Nigerians. The plot has been lost.

Our ever so present curse is to be governed by men who does not have the slightest idea of governance. However, these men are well versed in exploiting our porous system and carting away with billions of Naira every year. They are very able at looting our treasury and misappropriating public funds. What is been practiced in Nigeria is the modern model of COLONIALISM. Much more worse than the infamous colonialism of the past century and even neocolonialism.

Things are so bad now that the suggested solution by our present day leaders to our many problems is to set up committees to look into those problems and eventually sweep them under the carpet. Our leaders think the grip of corruption on our life is exaggerated. What a Farce.

Where next do we go from here? Do we continue our downward spiral in the bottomless pit of corruption and destruction?
Oh! My Nigeria, The Wealthiest Loser.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas to all the underprivileged Children of the worl

Merry Christmas! I wish it could be possible for everyone to be indeed merry, not just by saying it as a form of greeting but as a reminder that we are all jolly in the present circumstance(s) we find ourselves.

All over the world, there are hundreds of million Children that wont be merry this season, they wont have the opportunity to experience the excitement of the season, not by their own volition but because they are being denied the opportunity to enjoy this season.

For me, Christmas isn't a period of religious celebration but rather a period of happy gathering with family and friends, to emphasise the bond of Love, togetherness, and the spirit of Sharing amongst one another. We are all lucky to have this opportunity to have an amazing family and probably a bunch of loyal friends.

I think we need to redefine what christmas celebration should mean to us, it should be a day we aspire to make the less privileged people, especially the children, merry. We should make them feel the love and excitement of Christmas.

Here is a Merry Christmas to all the children of the world and a very big thank you to all those who will strive to make a difference 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


"Hmmmmm", the remark I expect whenever I say something funny to you, lol. The rare but cute smile... I always look forward to the next one. "I can't be your dream or perfect guy, but I will always be that person striving to put a smile on your face", that's a line I used on you abt 5 years back and I still remember that day every time I think abt you. You made me fall in love with your favourite colour, coffee brown, cute stuff. There's something beautiful and interesting about you that i saw about 5 years ago and still see, don't sha ask me what it is, Lmao. I miss been able to speak with you without any worry in the world, I miss been able to gossip with you, embarrassing right?,lol. I just want the best for us. Let's live by the day and worry less of tomorrow, as long as we will always have each other.   I just finished blabbing, but as you know already, I do that whenever am speaking with or about you cos I know you understand me more than anyone else.                                                       This is for you my darling.